What is the purpose of this expansion of your consciousness?

In order to integrate this complex puzzle that is called “Society”, life tends to mold you into a shape approved by the environment: the ego is formed and the soul has to bend and be quiet.

You alienate from this unique “Me” that resides within you so that once adult you can not hear or understand its inner voice: your voice.

Over the years this abandonment of the “Me” requites, the constraints of the soul are transferred to the body: stress, discomfort, sickness.

Instead of reconnecting with this “Me”, the environment teaches to fill this gap with compensatory behaviour: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or more socially accepted behaviour: Workaholism, co-dependency, perfectionism, especially in terms of nutrition, aesthetic, social and intellect.

Often illusory creator of success, the sublimation of “Having” avoids awareness of “Being”, widening the gap between the two.
Waking up this “Being” would shake the stability foundations of the “having ego” as it hence appears dangerous to the welfare of the latter.

Undoubtedly, the ego is helpful and reassuring. But we must know its place because the image of the “self” may often become synonymous with the “Me” or, even worse, crush it and cut us off from the essential.

The more this ego is reinforced, the more the unique essence of “Me” becomes hollow.

When your body or mind revolts, illness or discomfort invites you to take another route.
Therefore each physical or mental block is a distress signal from your body that indicates that you have lost touch with your inner being.

Tools used during the coaching sessions:

  • Channeling (guiding)
  • Harmonizing the vibration level to support the self-regulation of the body mechanism (Dr Oschman Churchill Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis)
  • Meditation (breathing and relaxation)
  • Acupuncture and acupressure

The result is felt as Coming Home in the Self, a return to a real inner peace, free and light.

The accompaniment of indigo souls

Indigos or “New Age” kids have made their entrance over the last decades as messengers of a new era.
They are often very intelligent, mature and they have a unique sense of justice. They often have special gifts: feeling energies, colours, angels, they understand guides or animals.
Often misunderstood, these children and hypersensitive adults face the current vibration level with difficulty: the predominance of our non-subtle consumption society, involving harmful pressure, stress and too heavy social interactions on a vibrational level.

They crave to be understood for them being different, for their purity and fragility, for dreaming of an open learning and for mutual respect. Strongly linked to Cosmos, they live according to the basic rules of their intuition above the laws of their parents or their environment. Parents of these newcomers sometimes fight to integrate their indigo children in our society shape. This is a big mistake. Many Indigos then drift away from their essence, and therefore, they do not recognize their purpose in life. This often results in exhaustion, lack of confidence and a compensatory behaviour.
Spiritual Coaching offers the Indigo’s recognition of their Light Soul, necessary in the development of their unique “Me”.