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Firstly it is important to know why you want to meditate.

Is it just to learn how to relax? In this case, basic relaxation sessions will be very beneficial.

Is it because you want to learn to listen to your inner voice?
Then integrated meditation will be most suitable. It offers a wide range of meditation and relaxation, indeed.

One thing is certain: like all learning, this awareness takes time and patience.
Meditation aims to fill every single cell in your body, with breath, pureness, love and consciousness, free and independent.

First you learn to detect and understand the signals deep within you. Then you get to feel what and who vibrates in harmony with the essence in your body and leave aside what isn’t feeling nourishing for you.
Step by step, the link between your body and mind will give you confidence, trust becomes friendship, friendship eventually evolves into an honest love: a love for this “Me” that resides within you.
Leading to your body as a haven of inner peace.

Meditation Programs:

  • Bubbly Baby Moments: meditations for women with a baby project, pregnant women and young mothers
  • Season meditations: learning to connect with the unique power of each season
  • Individual or couple sessions: an introduction to the energetic connection in your Self and the Self of one’s partner, pure and fluid