The female body is often being challenged. Contraception, stress, exhaustion, a hectic life, inappropriate diets (additives, fats, sugars, energetically too cold food), drugs and alcohol, etc. deplete the energy reserves of your body.

Throughout your life acupuncture can help your body regain its balance.


A preconception preparation of 4 months is recommended to increase the quality of your vital energy, the vital energy that you transmit to your future baby. It is desirable and useful that both future parents optimize this energy well before conception.

Over the past 20 years, we have seen a dramatic decrease in sperm quality (quantity, mobility and shape). Poor diet, stress, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, certainly, but also things like a too fast rhythm of life, or overweight can affect sperm quality.
Harmonizing these processes can take months. Sperm maturation, for example, is about 70 to 90 days. Therefore it is best not limited to harmonize the menstrual cycle of women (needing 4 months at least).

University hospitals around the world, where Western and Eastern medicine are working side by side, improve the quality of care towards patients significantly.

Scientific studies consistently prove the effectiveness of this cooperation, “recent German studies have shown that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), coupled with an acupuncture treatment, increase the pregnancy rate to 42% compared to 26% the control group who did not receive acupuncture “(Dr. Lifang Liang, OMD, Ph.D., L.Ac.)

The accompaniment in the context of fertility treatment is to harmonize the body of the woman, but also to tonify and relax the energy during this extremely stressful period.


Acupuncture is indicated for morning sickness, blood loss, fatigue, stress, constipation, water retention, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, itching, acid regurgitation, anaemia, depression, breech position or simply to relax and harmonize your body during these 40 weeks of constant changes within.

Acupuncture and Meditation have an invigorating, harmonizing and relaxing effect. They will help you refocus and keep your body in good shape to prepare effectively for this marathon called birth.

Happy Baby Point (KI9)

The Happy Baby Point or “Guest Point” in reference to the baby, is a point which is located at the base of the internal calf muscle and treated around Week 12 and Week 24.

Following positive effects can be linked to this point:

  • General purification
  • Tonifying the energy
  • Calming the Mind of mother and baby

Moxa protocol (breech position) – week 34

International scientific studies document the positive effects of Moxa Protocol in the case of breech position (Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, which includes analysis of studies conducted in Japan, China, Hungary, Italy and Spain, 2010).

The Moxa Protocol consists in applying moxa for a period of 10 to 14 days just above acupuncture point BL 67 (with a heated moxa stick) for 15 to 20 minutes 2 times a day.

Supervision by a doctor or a midwife is recommended to check if the baby has been able to turn.

Preparing Birth

In week 37 of your pregnancy, it is wise to plan a “Pre-Birth” treatment.
This treatment is an additional acupuncture session to prepare your body for childbirth in order to invigorate and relax the pelvic muscles and ligaments.

During this session we initiate the future dad in acupressure, a simple technique that will provide valuable support during childbirth.
Thanks to the support he will be able to give to the future mom, he will find his place more easily during this wonderful moment and therefore become more confident in his role as a dad.

Giving Birth

In preparation of the birth, we offer the possibility to have a Light Meditation. This is a relaxation session based on the principles of Sophrology.
The future parents are guided to a deep relaxation and then live through a beautiful visualization, a positive birth experience.
This method transforms anxiety and insecurity in support and trust.

Induce labour

From week 38 to 40, acupuncture, cupping, TSEA (Traditional and Scientific approach to Electro Acupuncture) and auriculotherapy help to stimulate contractions gently and prepare for a smoother delivery.

Post partum

A feeling of exhaustion can disrupt your joy after giving birth. Especially if the birth was difficult, long and exhausting, if you lost a lot of blood, if the pregnancies were short consecutively, if you had IVF sessions, or if you have had a previous illness you were not fully recovered energetically.

An energetic emptiness (QI Xu) or an energetic Blood emptiness (XUE Xu) can be a source of physical exhaustion and / or a feeling of sadness or depression, sometimes even several months after the delivery.
Acupuncture tonifies your body and nourishes both Qi (life energy) and Xue (energetic blood).
With a strong body and a calm mind, you will enjoy so much better caring for your baby.