Stress, cold, heat, dampness, toxins, trauma and exhaustion tend to disrupt the energetic, physical and biochemical processes in our body.
During an acupuncture session, fine sterile needles are placed within specific points of the body in order to balance the energy flow (blood, oxygen, hormones, immunity, etc).

These micro-areas are called “acupuncture points”. They are part of a complex energetic network: the meridians, which, at their turn, are part of this energetic unity of harmonising processes.

Indications (Source: World Health Organization).
Stress, fatigue, gynecological problems, pain (muscle, neurological, etc.), migraines, depression, anxiety, frustration, respiratory problems and digestive disorders.


Vacuum bamboo, glass or plastic cups are applied on the skin. They stimulate the blood and the energetic circulation, resulting in a liberating, draining and relaxing effect.

Indications: muscle and joint pain, headache, fatigue, stress.


Moxa (Artemisia vulgaris) is a medicinal herb, energetically very “Yang” (hot, invigorating, fire).
There are several modes of application: the plain Moxa can be placed on a needle, on ginger or salt. Its application enables thermal and energy harmonization of the body. The treated version is used like a cigar. The therapist heats this “cigar” and keeps it a few inches above the acupuncture points or areas of the body. The heat from the moxa penetrates deep into the body and stimulates the energy flow. This treatment is particularly effective in cases where the patient feels an Emptiness or Internal Cold.

Auriculotherapy according to Dr. Paul Nogier

The origin of Earacupuncture or Auriculotherapy dates back to the 4th century B.C., but it was not until the 50s that a scientific basis was grounded.
Dr. Paul Nogier (neurologist, FR), discovered that corresponding points of parts and functions of the human body are projected on the ear. In other words, he established the human body map on the ear.
Dr. Nogier showed that somatic disorders are manifested by a change in the electrical activity of the corresponding auricular point. This particular point is therefore called “active”.
Dr. Nogier developed a tool to detect active points: the Servoscope. This instrument (a type of pen) enables to detect active points and apply his technique with precision, at the same time.
Auriculotherapy represents a valuable addition to prolong the effect of acupuncture.
Indications (Source Dr. Paul Nogier): stress, fatigue, muscle tension, back pain, headaches, respiratory or digestive problems, nausea, induce labour.