Why acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, moxa, Qi-work… Chinese medicine?

According to thousands of years old Traditional Chinese philosophy, the Daoism, everything in this Universe is made up of Qi (pure energy).
The balance between a human being (the microcosm) and nature/his environment (the macrocosm) determines the smooth flow of Qi and thus the optimal functioning of both.
If the connection with this macrocosm is disturbed, a human being/microcosm becomes disturbed and vice versa.

A good flow (Qi Flow) ensures a healthy body and a strong mind (mens sana incorpere sano).
Daoism says ” long life, happy life “. Cultivating happiness is seen as a gardener who lovingly cares for his garden.
This results in the evidence of a continuous concern of ” what can I do to make my environment and myself better” ? Thus, life and the environment are cultivated as one inseparable unit.

Of course we need a Western medical diagnosis to make the image complete and to exclude any underlying disease. Than TCM can try to find out what causes the stagnation, while harmonizing the Yin/Yang balance and the Qi flow.

That’s why so many questions are asked at the intake session: questions that at first seem to have nothing to do with the discomfort.

Take an Appointment

On the menu:

1. Online sessions

Useful if you live far away from the practice, or if you want to stay at home and relax after the session.

How does an online session work?

First we discuss which tools we will use to obtain the best result out of every session.

Acupuncture is replaced by acupressure in combination with breathing and relaxation. After this session you will feel completely relaxed.

Same goes for the sophrology and meditation classes: after connecting online, and a little briefing, all you have to do is put yourself in your favourite meditation position, close your eyes and listen to my voice that will guide you into a state of deep relaxation.

We end the session with a debrief and advice how to integrate the session in your daily life, so inner peace becomes a habit and not only a practice.

All these parts work perfectly online.

How does it work?

  • Make an online appointment
  • After the payment confirmation, the appointment is confirmed
  • For SKYPE, TELEGRAM and FACETIME : connect at the agreed time

2. An old school physical session

Sessions: acupuncture/acupressure, moxa, cupping, breathing and integretion

  • Appointment online or via SMS or Telegram
  • Please bring your own towel
  • Payment can be made cash or via scanning QR code
  • Be on time – only when there’s an emotional release of the patient just before you – I make sure I’m always on time. The time between patients serves to prepare the practice for you (energetically and physically).
  • Cancellation max 1 day in advance
  • If you are ill we will change the session into an online session

3. Walking Coaching

Sessions in nature are a nice and efficient way to get that extra QI while working on yourself.

What to bring:

  • in rainy weather : raincoat and walking shoes
  • in warm weather : drinks and sun protection

Meanwhile, you can a lot yourself:

A healthy food intake respecting your region and the seasons, drink enough (in the winter warm beverages and never too cold), exercise regularly: a walk after dinner, for example, does wonders for you, as well as yoga or Tai Qi or Qi Qong, stretching, cycling.
Learn to express your feelings by writing them down, all of it, instead of keeping them inside which will block your energy flow at the end.
And last but not least: learn how to cultivate a healthy rythm: Day/Night or Activity/Rest. This is essential to keep a Yin/Yang balance and optimalise your Qi level.
Your body will be grateful.

See you soon!